Ionic Holiday Bot 🎁 ☃️ ❄️

Ionic is excited to introduce an early look at our integration platform that enables AI chatbots and assistants to deliver shopping experiences through natural language conversation. This holiday season, we launched a gift-finding bot to preview Ionic's capabilities for conversational commerce, while also giving back.

Our bot can assist with common gifting tasks such as generating gift ideas across various categories and budgets, comparing products, checking prices, and even completing purchases without leaving your chat. You can access the chatbot by clicking here, or via the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this page.

As a bonus, all sales proceeds and commissions driven by Ionic's gifting bot will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club. So by testing the bot and providing feedback, you'll be directly helping kids in need.

For developers or those looking to go the extra mile, full documentation is available if you'd like to build a custom conversational commerce bot tailored to your needs. Ionic offers an API, SDK, as well as pre-built integrations for leading AI platforms & frameworks including OpenAI/GPT, AirOps, Langchain, and more. You can build your own Ionic-powered agent and chatbot with as little as a simple paste of our plugin URL, or by going deeper and rolling your own from scratch.

Please take our bot for a spin and let us know your thoughts via our feedback form. Your input will help Ionic deliver more seamless AI-powered conversational shopping experiences going forward.

Wishing you and your family warmth, health, and happiness this holiday season. We appreciate you being part of the Ionic community.

With cheer,

Justin, Owen, & the rest of the Ionic team

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